Fitness Measurements on Our Watt Bike

Watt Bike in our Bathgate store

Training Services

Using our own Watt-bike which was designed for British Cycling Federation to measure and provide data for power and fitness for elite cyclists such as Chris Hoy.  We can provide measurements of key parameters which will allow you to measure your fitness improvements. If you have a coach, we can provide the data output so your coach can develop training programs for you.

  • Functional threshold test – 30 minutes £30 (£25 for repeat tests), if you are planning on training with power then getting an accurate FTP measurement is essential, you can do this on the road but then there are too many uncontrollable variables. It is best to do this teat under “Lab” conditions.
  • Spin cycle analysis   – 30 min session    £30 (£25 for repeat sessions).

If your pedal cycle is smooth then you are will be efficient, you will be less fatigued and develop more power output. The spin cycle analysis shows in real time your pedal stroke, allowing you in real time to try and adjust your pedalling technique. It you find it not possible to smooth your pedal stroke then we can propose Q-rings as a means to help you with a more smooth pedalling motion and hence become more efficient and less fatigued while riding. The Watt bike provides your peak power points and therefore we can set up your Q rings at the correct setting. Any other shop without spin cycle software cannot set up Q rings in the correct setting for you personally, we are in this sense offer a unique service in Scotland.

  • Power to weight ratio – 30 minute session £30 (£25 for repeat sessions).

The higher your power to weight ratio the better you can climb and the faster you shall cycle.

  • Spin+ P/W ratio – 45 minute session   £40.00 (£35 for repeat sessions)
  • 3000 metre  & maximum power measurement £15 to join our HOC league table

Bring in own bike on first session so we can measure and set up the Watt-bike to your own bike

Using the watt bike we can determine if minor adjustments to riding position has any effect on power output.