Professional Bike Fitting Services in Scotland

Welcome to Hooked on Cycling in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. Hooked on Cycling offers professional bike fitting services in Scotland using a bike fitting jig and software all the way from Italy.  This service is only available to those who have purchased a road bike or are purchasing a road bike from Hooked on Cycling.

Why should you have a bike fit?

Purchasing a road bike is an expensive investment if you are shopping around make sure the bike shop has available fitting software and a fitting jig to ensure that the bike being purchased is the correct size. We have seen so often clients coming into our store after purchasing a bike online OR from another shop that is the incorrect size. Purchasing what may appear a bargain is tempting (some shops say they do fitting, only just to look at you sitting on a bike and saying it looks OK) but if the bike is the wrong size not only will it be uncomfortable but you could also injure yourself.

We shall make sure the bike being purchased is professionally fitted to you which will improve your cycling efficiency and ensure a comfortable ride.

Our professional bike fitter Jon has provided over 1000 bike fits, he studies articles published throughout the world on different techniques. If you are going to purchase a carbon road bike costing a few thousand pounds then you want it to fit correctly, with the bike fit jig and software.  We believe at Hooked on Cycling we are the only bike shop in Scotland that can offer this service to an extremely high level. We believe we have a unique service and set up in Scotland.

Whenever you purchase any type of bike from Hooked on Cycling we provide a manual bike fit. If you purchase a road bike, we will provide free of charge a professional bike fit using the fitting jig and software.

Manual Bike Fit

Any person purchasing any bike from Hooked on Cycling will be provided with a free post-purchase manual bike fit which includes setting up saddle height, saddle fore-aft adjustment etc.

Professional Bike Fit (Race Bike) – Only available once a bike has been purchased from Hooked on Cycling.

On our professional bike fitting jig we shall take various body measurements and use sophisticated software to determine your exact bike set up. Using the data from the software we shall position your saddle to the correct position. We shall then analyse your pedal stroke and determine from side-wards and front/back view that you have a smooth pedalling motion with no hip rotation or knee misalignment. Once we have these items resolved we then move onto the handlebars and brake levers to get these positioned correctly for your type of riding. The bike fitting process can take up to 1 hour.

Our bike fitting service

Our bike fitting service

Process of purchasing a race bike from Hooked on Cycling

  • Decide on the make and model of the road bike and place a 30% deposit.
  • Once the transaction is completed we shall start taking the fitting measurements and enter the date into the software.
  • We shall then arrange a convenient time for you to return to the store to pick up the bike and have the professional bike fit.
  • Once completed you shall pay the balance of the bike and take the bike and fitting details away with you.

Please note: The deposit is non-refundable unless we cannot get your desired bike purchased into the store in an agreed amount of time. In this case, we shall refund the deposit but do not provide the fitting details. In this case, the size of bike is never divulged.

What Our Customers Say:

Hooked on Cycling was cracking for my bike fit as well as setting up my di2 with the QRings. Very helpful, honest and could not have been more accommodating. Spent hours with me ensuring I was happy with the setup as well as giving me the opportunity to try different positions. Could not recommend him any more highly. – Andy Auld

Went to Hooked on Cycling for a bike Fit not knowing what to expect. Results exceeded all expectations and my position on the bike has radically altered (along with my strava times!). They are very knowledgeable and very thorough and I even picked up a couple of general riding tips along with an indication of what the correct position should be on the bike in order to maximize power output. Andrew Phillips